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The workshop, "Fun Music Activities for Classroom or Music Room," is taught by veteran teacher Pat Harris and her daughter Terri Finck.  The workshop is available to teachers in public schools, private schools, pre-schools, and to other organizations.

The hands-on workshop can be offered as a half-day or whole-day class with  most schools offering CPDU credits.

Patricia and Terri have presented their Music Activities Workshop for Willamette University for 11 years, beginning in 2001, during each October State Wide Teacher In-services.

No prerequisites are required for the workshop.  The music book, "Fun Music  Activities for Classroom or Music Room", along with the songs from the CDs,  "Galliump!" and "Galliump! Folk Songs and New Favorites", are used as the text for the workshop.  Those attending are invited to participate actively in the songs,  dances, puppetry, movement, and playing rhythm instruments.  A fun time is guaranteed!

Patricia Harris and Terri Finck are offering the workshop widely in Oregon and Washington, and would gladly offer it in other locales as well. Schools or other groups interested in the workshop are welcome to contact them by phone or e-mail (shown below).  

School Assemblies and Library Shows

The Mother-Daughter Song Team of Patricia Harris and Terri Finck continue presenting interactive shows for children in schools and libraries --as a team and individually.  They use a variety of their original Galliump! songs and dances, their new songs, as well as folk songs, songs and dances from other countries (including Mexico), patriotic and holiday songs.

Patricia and Terri tailor their children's shows to fit appropriate age levels.  They are able to present songs and dances to fit particular themes when asked to do so (Patriotic, Holiday, Bears, etc.)   Pat's school teaching experience enables her to choose the right songs for each age level.

Their performances are interactive with children -  invited to sing along at times, play rhythm instruments, dance along (stand-in-place dances), and act out songs with puppets.  Many songs relate well to books and school curriculum, particularly science, social studies, history, art, and the study of other cultures. 

Such songs include "Amanda the Panda", "Singin Alligator Boogie", "The Funny Little Rockhopper Penguins", and several new songs, "Jungle Beat", "Snork the Elephant", "Down On Pelican Bay", "Joe the Iguana from Tijuana", and "Sea Biscuit", as well as several folk songs from other countries and from America's Westward Movement.

Contact Pat or Terri for more information.  

Patricia Harris:  
(541) 883-3982 or
Terri Finck:  
(503) 380-6107 or

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