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Fun children's songs in our award-winning Galliump! Music Series appeal to kids of all ages with a wide variety of music styles. Our kids music albums Galliump!, Galliump! Folk Songs & New Favorites, and Galliump Lullabies, as well as individual songs from the albums, have won numerous national awards in recent years.

Our fourth album, Galliump! Around the World, has received wonderful reviews from children, parents, and teachers, as well as winning 2006 Children’s Music Web Awards: “Sea Biscuit” – Best Song for Older Children.  Also, the song “Galliump!” was named Best Song for Pre-Schoolers, and Galliump Lullabies was named Best Album for Babies and Toddlers.

The pirate song, "Phantom Ship" inspired a third grade class of children to write and perform a play for parents based on the song.

Our Galliump! Music Series Albums include:

Galliump! Around The World

Galliump! Around the World

Newest CD with popular “Phantom Ship” and award-winning “Sea Biscuit.”  Fun dance: “Galapagos Island Shuffle”

Galliump! Folk Songs & New Favorites

Galliump! Folk Songs & Favorites

Contains 35 Songs! Great for Interactive Music Activities! Also includes Holiday & Patriotic Songs.



National Award Winner & Best Seller!
Wide variety of music styles. Multi-age with interactive songs.
Lyrics included.

Galliump! Lullabies

Galliump! Lullabies

Outstanding Product Winner of 2007 i-Parenting Media Awards. Two Mozart-based lullabies and Beloved “Boogie Woogie Lullaby.”

Single songs from each album are also available for download from  CDBaby


The Mother-Daughter Song Team of Patricia Harris and Terri Finck present interactive shows for children in schools and libraries -- as a team and individually.  They use a variety of their original Galliump! songs and dances, their new songs, as well as folk songs, songs and dances from other countries (including Mexico), patriotic and holiday songs.

Click here for a video clip -- See us perform!

Terri Finck

Terri Finck is the principal artist on the albums, assisted by other excellent musicians.  Terri is a "natural" with children and gets many requests for repeat performances as she, assisted by her mom, presents their songs (and dances) in interactive shows for children in schools, libraries,and book stores throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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